A Guide
Wilson Electrics

Welcome to my guide on pricing for electrical work.

Below you can find examples of costings for electrical work.
These do not form any part of contracts and are example ball park figures only to be used as a guide.
There are so many factors that arise from prepairing a dedicated quote for your work that could alter these ball park figures.


We are not VAT registered
No VAT will be added to final totals

Minimum Fee Rate

A minimum fee is applied when work is carried out.
It is not a “Call Out Charge”.

The minimum fee covers overheads needed to keep the business running:

This cover items such as:

  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • Transportation
  • Administration
  • Tools
  • Training
  • Trade Body Membership
  • etc. etc

The Minimum Fee will be applied to all work except for Testing and Inspection.

Materials Supplied


Material supplied will be of good quality known brand name in white.

Any coloured, metallic or non standard fixture or fitting will be charged at extra.

Unless stated the costings below are “Supply and Fit” of work.


Sockets and Outlets (price per point)

Double Sockets £75.00
USB Double Sockets £90.00
Single Sockets £60.00
Fused Spurs £75.00
Cooker / Shower point 6mm £180.00
Cooker / Shower point 10mm £250.00
Shaver Socket £80.00
Outdoor Socket 13amp £100.00
RCD Outdoor Socket 13amp £120.00

Lighting (price per point)

Pendant + 1 way Switch £80.00
Pendant + 2 way switch £100.00
Add Intermediate switch £40.00
Wall light feed (not including fixture) £40.00
Downlights £65.00
Mirror Lights (not including fixture) £40.00
Under Cabinet lights feed (not including fixture) £40.00
Outside Lights – non sensor £120.00
Outside lights – with sensor £140.00

Scottish Legislation Fire / Smoke Alarms

Scottish Legislation Fire alarm Package
3 smoke + 1 Heat
Add Alarm £85.00
Add CO Alarm £50.00
Add Control Unit £80.00

Extraction Fans (price per point)

Inline fan 100mm £300.00
Wall mounted fan without timer 100mm £100.00
Wall mounted fan with timer 100m £120.00
Wall mounted fan with timer and humidistat 100mm £140.00
Other fan types POA
*Does not include any structual work

Consumer Units – Fuse board

Type A RCBO Board – with surge protection

12 way  £750.00
14 way £800.00
16 way  £850.00
16+ ways POA

Smart Home

Non wired device Installed and set-up (non supply of material) Switch, Lightbulb, Ring Door bell etc £50.00

Labour only work (per point / hour)

Faceplate change (non material supply) £15.00
Lighting fixture change (non material supply) £25.00
Fault Finding per hour £38.00
Applience connection £50.00

Inspection and Testing (no min fee applied)

EICR up to 6 circuits £180.00
add circuit £25.00
PAT £25 + £3 per item £3.00